Turn On The Wireless, Turn On The Telly

Turn On The Wireless, Turn On The Telly
Cliff Richard
The Shadows
The Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group
Six-Five Special
Oh Boy!
Twangin' n' A-Traddin'
The Downliners Sect
Cyril Davies
2 From Klooks Kleek
Thank Your Lucky Stars
Sound and Fury
The Billy Fury Story
The Searchers
A Band Of Angels
The Great Cosmic Jump
Mabel Greer's Toyshop
Tomorrow - the album
A Teenage Opera
50 Minute Technicolor Dream
Hedgehogs and Mad Hatters
Turn Of The Cards
Grave New World
Hero And Heroine


Oh Boy! from start to finish.

And Put a Bob In The Juke Box

The Move. The Classic Lineup

Now don't let the site name fool you, this not just about the music, though it will play a very large part. This about pop culture in general, more specifically it is about British pop culture from 1955 up to 1970, with a prime focus on the The British Beat Explosion from 1963 to 1966. On another of our websites, we're covering this era from the Birmingham view-point, now it's time, we feel, to see what was going on in other parts of Britain, as far as local bands were concerned. Much has already been written about The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, of course, so although we'll mention them in passing, we'll not be dwelling on them overly, though links will be provided, as with everything else, to appropriate sites for that era, where possible. As we said right, off the top, this not just about the music, it's books it's radio, it's television, or as the headline reads, the whole damn thing. Jam sandwiches indeed...oh have one why don't you...and a cup of tea...sit back and ......let's get on with it......
Oh....yes, that is the Birmingham band, The Move, that you see, as well as a contemporary picture of their lead singer, Carl Wayne, who as you may know,  was , until his untimely death, the lead singer for The Hollies, it's a good place to start, as always......
Love and Mercy

videos courtesey of the YouTube website are now to be found on the Cliff Richard and Shadows pages.

Cliff Richard

it was packed. it was hot. 
it was rockin'! it was also
very, very small.
Ian Samwell tells the story

a seriously sentimental celebration
of the 'classic' Italian-styled
Formica cafe/coffee bar dating from
the early and middle part of the
20th century.

This Site Is Best Viewed
With A Bacon Sandwich
And A Mug Of Tea

British Blues from the 1960's on
now this is a great archival find
look at some of the names
not British we know, but part
of the abiding memory of the era
of course you knew they'd find
their way in somehow, and
very nice it is to see them.
(these are high-definition photographs
so they may take a few moments to
load, depending on the speed of your
the British record charts
from 40+ years ago
brought to you by Radio London
the artists,the UK charts
1963-66,  "Mersey Beat"
Readers' Polls 1961-63
and much, much more

a very comprehensive
website indeed

It all began in the early
1950's in England.
some teenagers gangs appeared
in the East End of London;
they were called the Cosh boys.
It was very easy to recognise
 them. they wore a very
special rig : long jacket with
velvet collar and cuffs, drain-pipe
trousers that had been
fashionable during the reign of
Edward VII (1901-1910),
Now read on....

fox on the look out for a jam sandwich

this from BBC Scotland

and jolly good they are too!

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