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The Shadows [click for larger image]

Tony Meehan (drums), Bruce Welch (guitar), Hank B. Marvin (guitar) and Jet Harris (bass) - the longest lived instrumental group in rock 'n' roll history, with nearly thirty hits to their credit - not counting another thirty on which they backed Cliff Richard. This formation lasted till October 61, when Brian Bennett replaced Meehan

Apache - The Shadows

Apache topped the UK charts for six weeks and was a world-wide hit except in America where lack of promotion led to the Shadows' version being overlooked whilst a cover version by Danish guitarist Jorgen Ingmann took the sales.
However Apache was voted Top Record of 1960 in the prestigious New Musical Express Readers' Poll. The Shadows had to persuade producer Norrie Paramour that this song should be the A-side. Paramour thought it should be the naval tune Quartermaster's Stores.

Apache: the sheet music

Fender Stratocaster 1954 - 2004

a vastly underated drummer
replaced Tony Meehan
and is a fine composer in
his own right

The Shadows legendary
bass player

the truly legendary guitarist
to whom many a guitarist
owes a massive debt of thanks.
this webpage is on
Fender Europe's website

1943 - 2005
The Shadows legendary drummer

a fan based website
about a fine musician.
with The Shadows from
the very beginning

Burns. The Shadows original guitars

where it all came together again
the MSN based fan group
courtesy of
Sergey "Freddie" Shulubin.
twenty-nine Shadows albums
and three Hank Marvin albums.
These are not just sound bytes,
but the full length tracks.
"Freddie" has other artists as well,
again, full length tracks for all of them.
This is truly an amazing site.
Visit today and visit often.
music first!
news and views on all things
The Shadows are the
biggest-selling instrumental
act of all time
in the UK and the group
with the longest span
of chart hits.
an archive and a history
an extremely informative site
from New Zealand
website with all sorts
of Shadows related items

Hank Marvin, Bruce Welch, Jet Harris, Tony Meehan

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Bert....Thanks me old son!


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