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The Shadows
The Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group
Six-Five Special
Oh Boy!
Twangin' n' A-Traddin'
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Thank Your Lucky Stars
Sound and Fury
The Billy Fury Story
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Hero And Heroine

( Associated Rediffusion ) 1963-1966

British Pop and Music Television Shows. 1960's

The Weekend Starts Here!

RSG. Cathy McGowan and Donovan [click for larger]

Pop presenter Keith Fordyce was being kept busy! This Friday pop show with its slogan 'The Weekend Starts Here!' was co-hosted by the demure mod Cathy McGowan with additional presenters David Gell, Michael Aldred and (twice) Dusty Springfield. Produced by Elkan Allen and directed by Daphne Shadwell, Robert Fleming, Rollo Gamble, Michael Lindsay Hogg and Peter Croft, it was first broadcast on 9th August 1963 from TV House, Kingsway, London in a half hour slot beginning at 7p.m. ( some regions transmitted it in a late evening slot at 10:40p.m. ) and the first live acts were Billy Fury and Brian Poole and The Tremeloes, performing in front of about 200 teenagers.

The original theme tune was 'Wipe Out' by the Surfaris which was soon replaced by Manfred Mann's classic '5-4-3-2-1'. In 1964 it moved to a 50 minute slot at 6:08 p.m.
The studio disco set allowed the general public onto the studio floor for dancing and mingling with the appearing stars.

Original run: August 1963 – December 1966
Created by: Elkan Allan & Vicki Wickham

The Beatles on Ready Steady Go! (1964)
Post-America, pre- A Hard Day's Night, The Beatles return triumphant. Ready Steady Go! (still in its pre-live performance days) was arguably the most important TV show in British pop history - certainly the best.

Ready, Steady, Go! Manfred Mann performing
Manfred Mann

a Mod on a motor scooter tears off
at the traffic lights with a motor bike
along side. they arrive at the
London Weekend TV sudios,
it's Friday night, it's 7pm,
the weekend starts here

Tapes of the shows are owned by
Dave Clark International
(Dave Clark of The DC5)
who acquired them in the 1980s.

their first UK TV appearance,
November 6, 1964.
Following afternoon rehearsals,
their performances of I Get Around
& When I Grow Up (To Be A Man)
were broadcast that same evening

RSG. Dusty Springfield
Dusty Springfield

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