A Band Of Angels

Turn On The Wireless, Turn On The Telly
Cliff Richard
The Shadows
The Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group
Six-Five Special
Oh Boy!
Twangin' n' A-Traddin'
The Downliners Sect
Cyril Davies
2 From Klooks Kleek
Thank Your Lucky Stars
Sound and Fury
The Billy Fury Story
The Searchers
A Band Of Angels
The Great Cosmic Jump
Mabel Greer's Toyshop
Tomorrow - the album
A Teenage Opera
50 Minute Technicolor Dream
Hedgehogs and Mad Hatters
Turn Of The Cards
Grave New World
Hero And Heroine

One Funky Little Band

A Band Of Angels [click for larger image]

In the beginning there was a funky little five piece band known to many as "A Band Of Angels". The group envolved while Mike d'Abo was still at school in Harrow, and they managed to pick up a few quid for themselves playing around the countryside. Their act comprised mainly of coverversions of current hit records by such as The Shadows, Duane Eddy and Cliff Richard. Upon receiving a disc contract from Ember Records, the band decided to turn professional in March 1964.

While with Ember, they cut about 25 tracks, though many remain un-issued. In fact, the only song traced from that period is "Hide 'n' Seek", which is on the soundtrack album "Just For You" on Decca LKM 4620.

On the United Artists recordings Mike d'Abo was the only band member to actually play an instrument on the sessions. He played piano and duetted with Johnny Gaydon on vocals, while session musicians were hired like Bobby Graham on drums, Big Jim Sullivan on lead guitar and Eric Ford on bass.

James Rugge-Price has also been drummer in the band.

During a tour of French beach and ski resorts, "A Band Of Angels" found themselves deep in debt and they had to work their arses off for six months to pay off everything. An experience as gruelling as this would be enough to put down any band, and thus "A Band Of Angels" were no more.

Mike d'Abo then went to the Manfred Mann band, while John Christian Gaydon became a successful manager, involved at various times with King Crimson; Julie Felix; Emerson, Lake & Palmer; T. Rex; and Roxy Music in partnership with "A Band Of Angels" former manager David Enthoven.

Andy Petre (or Andy Peters)  then went to playing in a group called Timebox in the period September 1966 until August 1967.

Mike d'Abo these days

to be found on Mike d'Abo's
personal website

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recorded by many
but written by Mike d'Abo

A Band Of Angels

Michael d'Abo:
piano, vibes, guitar, harmonica, vocals
John Edward Baker:
lead guitar
John Christian Gaydon:
rhythm guitar
Andrew Charles Malcolm Glywn Petre:
David Robert Wilkinson:
bass guitar
James Rugge-Price also sat in the drummers stool for the band

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