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Turn On The Wireless, Turn On The Telly
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The Shadows
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Cyril Davies
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Hero And Heroine

"the best British blues band of the early '60s"
Bruce Elder on The Cyril Davis All Stars

All Blues, All-Stars

Cyril Davis All Stars [click for larger image]

Cyril Davies was an innovative harmonica player who exerted a huge influence on his contemporaries. He was an original member of Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated in 1961. This, the first classic Blues Inc.-line-up was all set, including Alexis Korner, the Greek-Austrian band-leader /guitarist with his dark-pitched, Willie Dixon-type voice, the cosmopolitain charm courtesy of the jazz trio Dick, Jack & Ginger, plus pianist Johnny Parker and Cyril. But Blues purist Davies nursed an aesthetic/stylistic aversion to the saxophone! On a personal level, Cyril & Dick got on very well: the harp blower Welsh-born and London bred, the English saxman having grown up in the hills of rural Wales. Davis left in late 1962 to put the Allstars together with the aim of playing Chicago-style blues. The Allstars quickly became a popular attraction in the clubs of London and, occasional members included pianist Nicky Hopkins, guitarist Jeff Beck and drummer Micky Waller, who all went on to make names for themselves later in the decade.Tragically, the band proved to be short-lived when, on
 7th January 1964,  Cyril Davies succumbed to pleurisy
 Baldry took the remnants of Davies' group and formed The Hoochie Coochie Men.

Cyril Davies - harmonica/vocals
(born 1932, Denham, Buckinghamshire, died January 7th 1964)

Long John Baldry - vocals
(born 12th January 1941.died 22nd July 2005)

Bernie Watson - guitar

Cliff Barton - bass guitar

Carlo Little - drums

May 1963. Country Line Special/Chicago Calling
September 1963. Preachin' The Blues/Sweet Mary

May 1964
Country Line Special/Preachin' The Blues/
Chicago Calling/Sweet Mary

Dick Heckstall-Smith, Jack Bruce, Cyril Davis

The Birth of British R&B Music

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from drummer, Carlo Little's website
Carlo Little was the drummer with
The Cyril Davis All Stars

Cyril Davis. 1932-1964

Marquee R & B
Decca Ace of Clubs LP, ACL 1130 November 1962

Alexis Korner's Blues
featuring Cyril Davis

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