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The Billy Fury Story

Turn On The Wireless, Turn On The Telly
Cliff Richard
The Shadows
The Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group
Six-Five Special
Oh Boy!
Twangin' n' A-Traddin'
The Downliners Sect
Cyril Davies
2 From Klooks Kleek
Thank Your Lucky Stars
Sound and Fury
The Billy Fury Story
The Searchers
A Band Of Angels
The Great Cosmic Jump
Mabel Greer's Toyshop
Tomorrow - the album
A Teenage Opera
50 Minute Technicolor Dream
Hedgehogs and Mad Hatters
Turn Of The Cards
Grave New World
Hero And Heroine

Billy Fury Story plus the complete Sound Of Fury
Decca DPA3033/4 1976 2 LP set

1. Maybe Tomorrow
2. Margo
3. Don't Knock Upon My Door
4. That's Love
5. My Advice
6. Phone Call
7. You Don't Know
8. Turn My Back On You
9. Don't Say It's Over
10. Since You've Been Gone
11. It's You I Need
12. Alright, Goodbye
13. Don't Leave Me This Way
14. Wondrous Place
15. Don't Worry
16. Halfway To Paradise
17. I Love How You Love Me
18. Candy Kisses

19. When Will You Say I Love You
20. Kansas City

21. The Hippy Hippy Shake
22. Glad All Over
23. Nothin' Shakin'
24. It's Only Make Believe
25. Baby What You Want Me To Do
26. In Thoughts Of You

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